Coconut Home Bar


The everything home bar is a 3-in-1 dish soap, hand soap and stain remover for clothing. It is 100% organic and comes in bar form, making it a great plastic free, toxin free alternative to clean your home. 1 bar is equivalent to a 16 oz bottle of liquid dish soap.

4 oz.

How to use
- For dishes and hands: wet sponge or brush and rub it on the bar. Reapply as more subs are needed. Wash dishes and rinse well. No need to wear gloves to wash dishes, as this bar is safe and a naturally moisturizing hand soap!
- For fabric stains: wet the stain with water and rub this bar on the stain, forming a thin layer of it, wait 10 minutes and wash clothing with our home cleaning powder.

Organic saponified coconut oil, water.

Coconut Home Bar



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