Aqui D'Aia Bath Soap

StyleBain de Soir

These liquid bath soaps are made from olive oil and coconut oil each made uniquely different by the addition of natural ingredients.

  • Evening Bath: honey and lemon
  • Milk Bath: almond milk
  • Morning Bath: lemon verbena
  • Oil Bath: olive and rosemary
  • Provencal Bath: organic lavandin abrial essential oil from a producer in the alpes de haute-provence

Made in France.

About the Brand: For 25 years, Master Savonitto has been shaping his soaps in his artisanal manufacture “Soap Workshop” located in Provence. Soaps that respect humans and the environment by promoting short circuits and local natural resources. We are committed to making quality soaps with natural and traceable ingredients, with real know-how. Master Savonitto takes you back in time in a Provence so dear. Where drugstores, bazaars of the past, offered the guarantee of finding happiness by sharing a moment of conviviality. Where apothecaries, like a cabinet of curiosities, offered “miracle” recipes thanks to a wide variety of natural ingredients. Where perfumers, true craftsmen of the fragrance knew how to create olfactory sensations to make you unique. This era inspires us in our daily lives to combine innovation and grandmothers' recipes. The name Master Savonitto refers to the title of “Master Savonier” and to the last name of its founder.

Aqui D'Aia Bath Soap



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