Fertilizer Powder


Drugs for Plants is an organic fertilizer formulated by a team of horticulturalists who have been making fertilizer for over 20 years. We made Drugs for Plants because we were tired of seeing the overwhelming market leader (you know who we're talking about) peddle synthetic fertilizer that is bad for the environment. Everything we do is made to be the opposite of that. We package our fertilizer in biodegradable bags, formulate it as a water-soluble powder so we don't waste emissions shipping and selling you a liquid fertilizer that is mostly water, and make it with organic ingredients held to the highest regulatory standards. So, what are you waiting for? Give your plants their fix. 28g of 8-4-6 organic fertilizer powder. Each package is enough to make 7 gallons of liquid fertilizer, enough to feed 5 tabletop plants for roughly 3 months.

Water you plants as usual. Then, every two weeks, mix ¼ teaspoon of fertilizer into every 4 cups of water your plants need.

Nitrogen 8%
Phosphate 4%
Potash 6%

Calcium 3.0%
Humic acid 3.00%
Magneseum 1.00%
Boron 0.088%
Copper 0.125%
Iron 0.2%
Manganese 0.32%
Zinc 0.35%

Seaweed extracts & botanicals
Protein hydrolysates & betaine
Fulvic acids
Made in Canada
Packaging: Biodegradable
Product Materials: Organic

Fertilizer Powder



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