Fido Dog Blanket


A good-looking dog blanket that’s difficult to destroy. Thick and durable, the Fido Dog Blanket is strong enough to withstand muddy paws and sharp teeth.

Take it to the beach to dry off a damp doggo, lay it in the boot of your car, bring it along on a picnic to put some necessary distance between your canine and your camembert. The Fido Dog Blanket is compact and light enough to travel anywhere, and it doesn’t look like some rag that you’d be embarrassed to whip out at any time either.

We’re not saying your dog needs this blanket. We’re simply suggesting that they might love you a lot more if they had one.

Your move, human.

  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Machine washable.
  • Designed, woven, and made in South Africa.
  • 43″ x 63″

Fido Dog Blanket



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