INI CERAMIQUE, Greek Column Vase


A part of a captivating new line blending ancient Greek pottery with contemporary design, the ‘Greek Column’ vase showcases delicate blue underglaze illustrations that harmonize traditional and modern aesthetics. The blue underglazes are meticulously applied by hand before the initial firing, infusing the vase with a touch reminiscent of antiquity. After a second firing at 1250°C, a transparent glaze is added to the interior for a refined finish, ensuring lasting durability.

As each piece is artisanal, decorative patterns and shapes may vary subtly, highlighting the authenticity that defines our craftsmanship.

Made in France.


  • Stoneware fired at high temperatures, finished with a glossy transparent glaze on the interior.
  • Raw exterior showcasing the natural texture of the clay, harmoniously paired with hand-painted blue underglaze motifs.
  • DIMENSIONS: H: 20 CM / L: 27 CM H: 7.9 INCH. / L: 10.6 INCH.


INI CERAMIQUE, Greek Column Vase



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