Lattice Linen Towels, Hand Towel


A minimalist towel collection with a contemporary waffle texture. 15% linen, 15% ramie, 70% cotton.

The Lattice Linen Towel Collection upgrades the architectural sophistication of our best-selling, with a refined, three-dimensional blend of linen, ramie and cotton. Each Lattice Linen towel is woven from 15% linen, 15% ramie, and 70% cotton, making it an exceptionally absorbent and quick-drying towel. The Lattice Linen Towel is constructed with an even slimmer fit than its classic Lattice counterpart to enhance absorption and functionality. Soft to the touch and elegantly sculpted, this striking waffle style is a practical complement to the modern, minimalist home.

Materials: 15% Linen, 15% Ramie, 70% Cotton
Care: Machine wash with cold water and mild detergent. No bleach or fabric softeners. Hang or tumble dry low.
Imabari, Japan

Washcloth (S): 15" L x 15.7" W
Hand Towel (M): 15" L x 33.5" W

Lattice Linen Towels, Hand Towel



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