Maine the Way Guidebook 01: Outdoor Recreation


A note from Maine the Way:

In partnership with the Maine Office of Outdoor Recreation, we are thrilled to present Guidebook 01: Outdoor Recreation — the first in our new guidebook series. This isn’t intended to compete with your favorite mapping app or the trusty Maine gazetteer you undoubtedly have stuffed in the glovebox. Instead, it is meant to share a few of the amazing stories in the outdoor recreation space we’ve come across—and most importantly encourage you to go out and find your own stories. In this book we’ve taken our long-form storytelling lens from our publications, and turned it to this space. While it would be impossible to fully encompass all that Maine has to offer, we’ve plucked a variety of stories to showcase here: historical pieces that look at industry juggernauts like L.L. Bean and Old Town Canoes, a peek at the unique cultural tourism trip offered by the Penobscot Nation, amazing guided trips like hunting at Weatherby’s Resort or dog sledding with Mahoosuc Guides, and so much more.

96 pages

17,154 words

97 photos/illustrations

The 5.5”x8.5” publication is perfect bound and printed in full color on 96 pages of FSC approved uncoated paper in Maine.

100% Maine Made

Maine the Way Guidebook 01: Outdoor Recreation



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