Noura Nightstand by Sun at Six

StyleLeft Side

Made to order. The Noura Nightstand is made using solid pressed Moso Bamboo, in line with our commitment to pushing more sustainable materials. The Moso Bamboo is pressed into a dense wood timber, which is then used similarly to conventional wooden furniture planks. In this case, we’ve used traditional joinery to put those planks together without nails nails or screws to create the frame of the nightstand. The door hinge of course uses metal hardware.

  • Solid Moso Bamboo
  • "Left" and "Right" styles make a symmetrical pair. Facing the nightstand, the "Right" style has the door on the right, the "Left" style has the door on the left
  • Our tenna oil finish is resistant to spills and stains and will sustain for years with proper maintenance. Our pieces have been used in a variety of hospitality settings from hotels to retail spaces.
  • Ships via white glove delivery
20"W x 14"D x 18"D

Ships after 6-8 weeks production.

Noura Nightstand by Sun at Six



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