Orange and Gold Desktop Stapler


Launched in 1943 with the rounded styling of the time, the "520/E" desktop stapler is strong, simple and highly functional. This special edition features 23K real gold detailing.

Three staple settings are possible - closed, semi-closed and open (refers to the underside of the staple after stapling).

staples 20 sheets with included staples (up to 40 with 'long leg' staples)
holds 50 staples
2.75" depth (70mm)
boxed; includes one box of 1000 515 staples
patented anti-jamming device

staples: order refill 515.
Founded 99 years ago in 1924, Zenith staplers are 100% made in Italy - responsibly, passionately and with maximum respect to the environment. Each durable stapler is individually tested after production; each is guaranteed for life.

Orange and Gold Desktop Stapler



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